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Chatham U-16 Girls 6-1-2014

Chatham U-17 Girls 6-1-2014

Albany Alleycats 2014 State Cup Final

Chatham Prom 2014

Global Express Video

Iowa Pheasant

Overseas Adventure Video

Quad Video

Chatham Radar

Lake Placid Soccer camp 2012

Lake Placid Soccer Centre

Chatham Little League 2012

Crane Boys U-12

Boys and Girls Soccer Time Lapse 2011

Chatham JV Boys Football 2011

Chatham Girls Soccer Team Photos 2011

Chatham Girls Soccer Sectionals BP

Quad to Rays (windows)

Quad to Rays (Mac)

Lake Placid Soccer Camp 2011

Chatham Little League 9 and 10 Yr olds

Chatham Modified Baseball

Patroon Championships 2011

Quad Teardown

Sean's Run Time Lapse

Sean's Run 2011

Chatham LL CFD First Game

Chatham Track 4-28-2011

Chatham Modified Baseball 4-26-2011

Chatham LL CFD First Scrimmage

Time Lapse

Challenger Take off and landing (Drift)

Drift 170 HD at Catamount Ski Area

Queen of Hearts Pre

Old Flying Field

Abby Soccer PC

Abby Soccer Mac

Catamount 2011

Chatham Girls Soccer (courtesy Christina Dittmar)

Chucks Take Off

Wheeler Book One

Wheeler Book Two

Wheeler Book Three

Wheeler Book Four

Riverledge Road/Paddock Place Kids Heron Graduation 1969

Wheeler Family old stuff

Alleycats Manhattan 2010

Nicks Hunting Video

Duck Hunting 2010

Maps 2010

China 2010

Chatham Boys Modified Soccer 10-19-2010

Chatham Little League Fall Ball 10-17-2010

Chatham Little League Fall Baseball 9-19-2010

Innsbruck Austria Approach

Global Express Take off and landing

Chatham Girls Soccer Video 2008 large file version

Overseas Adventure Video

Casey Catamount 2005

Old Men Skiing  with $12 video camera  

Crane U-12 2009 Soccer Large File

Catamount 1969

Ye Old  Soccer Team

JV and Varsity Team Photos

Wally 's Airshow

John Joyce Retirement

Seaside Day One

Seaside Day Two

Kate's Seaside Photos

CDYSL ODP U-14 Empire Cup Day 1

Alleycats U-14's JAGS


Alleycats U-14 Girls 06-03-2010

Bethlehem Needham day 1

Bethlehem Needham day 2

Lynn's Wedding......Glenn's Camera

Lynn's Wedding.....Sam and Abby Camera 1

Lynn's Wedding.....Sam and Abby Camera 2

Prom 2010

Prom 2010 Sam's View

Alleycats Boys U-12 May Day Tournament

Chatham Track 4-29-2010

Seans Run 2010 (unedited)

Girls Softball

Bethlehem U-13 Boys Soccer


Skype Brothers

Jackson Hole

Winter Concert 2009


Alleycats NEWSS U-16 Tournament

Turkey Trot Chatham 2009

Chatham Varsity Girls Class CC Finals

Hunting Trip 2009 Photos

Chatham Girls Varsity Sectional win

Girls Soccer Team Photos

Doug and Heather World Tour

Mini Mites

Chatham LL Fall Ball 9-12-2009

Chatham Varsity/JV vs Ausable Valley

Crane U-12 2009 Soccer Small File

Alleycats U-12 End of the Year Video  Big File, be patient

Alleycats U-12 End of the Year Video  Smaller Version

Lee's 40th Birthday Party

Chatham LL All Stars 11's

Lake Placid Soccer Camp

Chatham LL All Stars 7-18-2009

Alleycats U-15's "Central Jersey Invitational" Day 2

Alleycats U-15's "Central Jersey Invitational" Day 1

Chatham LL All Stars 12's 07-06-2009

Nordic Alleycats U-12's

Nordic Alleycat U-15's

Alleycats U-15's June 2, 2009

Chatham Little League 6-6-2009

Chatham Little League

Lake George Soccer

Chatham Comets U-10's

Seans Run 2009

Alleycats Soccer U-12 Rotterdam 2009

Time Lapse

PDF Manuals

Opening Day RC Flying.

Cape Cod Slope Soaring

Chatham Varsity Girls 2008

Chatham Unicycle Club

CYO Basketball 2-28-2009

Alleycats U-12's 2-20-2009

Catamount 2-18-2009

Chatham Indoor Track at the Morris 2-05-2009

Chatham Indoor Track 2-2-2009

Jackson and India Video 2009

Jackson Hole 2009 Slideshow                                        

Chatham Indoor Track

Chatham Turkey Trot 2008

Chatham Girls Soccer Video 2008 small file version


Hawk Outfitters Video

Casey's Birthday Photo's

Chatham Little League Photos and video

Crane 2007 Soccer Video

Crane Soccer  Photos

Alleycats Soccer 2008

Chatham LL 2006 Video

MED Running Club Photos

2005 Chatham U-12 Soccer video

Track at the Morris 2008-2009

Dragon Lady Photos


PDF Manuals










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